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What is the Stuntman & Daredevil Hall of Fame?

The Stuntman & Daredevil Hall of Fame is a museum dedicated to all the brave souls from around the world who have risked their lives to entertain us. The museum will showcase stunt people from all corners of the earth and will preserve the history of stunt people in Australia. This collection of stunt memorabilia will be the largest in the World. The collection consists of posters, cars, motorcycles, stunt equipment, clothing, helmets, toys and written literature etc.

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Museum Feature Items

The museum will feature the Globe of Death, Canadian Hell Driver cars, Wall of Death, movie stunt props, Dale Buggins highwire bike, Evel Knievel memorabilia, several stunt motorcycles & cars plus a theatrette.

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Opens in 2024!

The museum is schedule to officially open in 2024. The building structure is complete and the displays are being setup. The museum will be located at Monte Cristo Rd, Junee, N.S.W, Australia

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Tourism in Junee

Tourism in the Riverina is growing stronger everyday with 5 museums in Junee alone. More then 20,000 people a year pass through the doors of each museum. Tour groups to the Riverina are making Junee a must visit location.